Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Been Too Long...

Austin played the role of Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) this year in his play. He nailed it and did awesome!!! Loved watching him shine both nights!!! 

Katelee graduated with her Associates Degree (paralegal) and is currently working as a legal secretary! Lakin graduated too (and gets married in October!). 

Logan is playing his second year of football!!! He is getting so big! Can't believe our "baby" will be double digits this year!!! 

Austin and Molly went to their 8th Grade Dance together (just friends)! She is sweet, and they both clean up really well!!! I can't believe they will be in HIGH SCHOOL in less than a month! Sniff, sniff!!!  

Brantlee just got her first job as a SKATING car hop at Sonic!!! Beautiful girl who I love like my own! 

Love these three monkeys too!!! This is the first time I have posted since Thomas has been born! 

Bree went to Doggie Heaven on June 4. It was a tough tough thing to go through. She was such a good dog for SIXTEEN years!!! 

And, last but not least (for now)...I moved from the classroom to being an administrator! I absolutely LOVE it!!! Certainly a very BUSY position, but it's a move I am happy to have made. I LOVE my new school (Forts Pond), AND all the people there make it feel like a 2nd home/family!!! This picture is from the Leader in Me Symposium, and what had to have been one of the most powerful stories/speakers I have EVER heard!!! Their story aired on ESPN!   

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Pool is Open (for Polar Bears)

The water temperature is still 69 degrees, and the outside temperature is about 80...but that didn't stop the boys!!! They ended up swimming for about an hour, and even then I made them get out because Logan's lips were shivering (though he "wasn't cold!")! They must have skin like a polar bear! 

Spring Break Fun

I am SO glad we live nearby some local farms and that one of them is a strawberry farm! The harvest time always falls with our Spring Break! Logan eats as many as we bring home! This is always a family favorite!!!! Sweet, juicy, and delicious! 
Me and my two favorite little guys... 
An earlier trip to Hi Wire (an indoor trampoline park) with friends was a fun way to spend a rainy day!!! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

ICE Storm "Pax"

Twice in the same year...heck, the same MONTH!!!! Ice Storm "Pax" started around 8pm on Tuesday night and continued to dump sleet and freezing rain throughout the entire day on Wednesday...with a small amount of snow mixed in Thursday morning. We had a least 3 inches of accumulated ICE (everything looked beautiful!!!! I have lots of pictures, but I can't get them to post right now for some reason). We have been out of school Wed.-Fri. for this. FOUR "snow" days total for us to make up from the same month...WOW!!! The roads were covered and NOT in condition to be driven, luckily I stocked up on groceries Monday afternoon. I am in the minority for SC for LOVING being "stuck" at home with my boys (Roger got to come home early on Wednesday and he got to stay home yesterday...and Michelin NEVER lets them stay home for weather!!!)!!! LOTS of good family time!!! LOTS of sledding (on boogie boards and cookie sheets...haha)...Lots of yummy food was made/eaten, games played, movies watched, house cleaned and laundry caught up on...the roads are finally cleared up this afternoon (still some ice/slush on the yards), and since it's Valentine's Day me and the boys might venture out for some Sweet Frog (frozen yogurt) in a little bit, but looking forward to the weekend and some MORE time off with my boys!!! We'll have plenty of sunny, HOT days ahead to enjoy the pool, but we'll take EVERY snow day we can get in this house (Farmer's Almanac says we should get more between Feb. 21-16....can we make it three times in the same month?????)....time will tell!

Snow #1 in 2014

We got out of school at 11am because this was white stuff was predicted to come! Though it was sleeting at dismissal, the snow didn't start falling until around 8:30 that night (which made for a LONG day of excited boys asking and checking when it was going to start). We had ONE day out of school for this round of snow (and a late start the day just didn' t feel right to go to school when there was still SO much snow on the ground, and my boys were so very sad! Austin was begging me to get a sub so we could stay home and play in it again! )! We had about 2 inches of POWDERY snow (not even packable for a snowman)! We were in and out ALL day (starting at 7:30am). Roger was at work (though he wouldn't have played out in it if he were home...that's what growing up in WV will do to ya), but the three of us had a blast!!!! It's been 3 years since we got any we enjoyed it while we could!!! (You can see Logan learned that getting snow inside your cloths can BURN and and not feel too good).

New Years

We rang in the New Year at home (as always), and this year we had a few visitors to help us celebrate! Uncle Mike, Kathy & George, & Haylee and the girls (plus Lily)...we had a blast!!!

Logan's 8th B-day

Where is the time going??? Can't believe our "baby" is 8 (pretty sure I say this every year and just change the number)!!!

I LOVE his... spunky personality, genuine heart, sweet spirit, cuddles when he's tired, desire to be great (at everything), random telling of "I love you!" complete with hugs, giggle-ful self!!! Some Logan Milestones for this year.... he's in the 2nd grade and already reading on a mid-3rd grade reading level, he qualified for EAGLES (our gifted and talented program), he has lost 8 teeth (the last of which he swallowed....funny story there), he cannot wait to play football like his big brother in the Fall, is geared up and ready for this soccer season to start next week, LOVES (putting it mildly) Minecraft/Skylanders/anything technology! He can eat more than me- though I don't know where he puts it (and would chose to go to a Brazilian Steakhouse over a vacation if we'd let him). Anyone know how to freeze time and keep them little???

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