Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Been Too Long...

Austin played the role of Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) this year in his play. He nailed it and did awesome!!! Loved watching him shine both nights!!! 

Katelee graduated with her Associates Degree (paralegal) and is currently working as a legal secretary! Lakin graduated too (and gets married in October!). 

Logan is playing his second year of football!!! He is getting so big! Can't believe our "baby" will be double digits this year!!! 

Austin and Molly went to their 8th Grade Dance together (just friends)! She is sweet, and they both clean up really well!!! I can't believe they will be in HIGH SCHOOL in less than a month! Sniff, sniff!!!  

Brantlee just got her first job as a SKATING car hop at Sonic!!! Beautiful girl who I love like my own! 

Love these three monkeys too!!! This is the first time I have posted since Thomas has been born! 

Bree went to Doggie Heaven on June 4. It was a tough tough thing to go through. She was such a good dog for SIXTEEN years!!! 

And, last but not least (for now)...I moved from the classroom to being an administrator! I absolutely LOVE it!!! Certainly a very BUSY position, but it's a move I am happy to have made. I LOVE my new school (Forts Pond), AND all the people there make it feel like a 2nd home/family!!! This picture is from the Leader in Me Symposium, and what had to have been one of the most powerful stories/speakers I have EVER heard!!! Their story aired on ESPN!   

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